Customize PDF output


Hi all,

I’ve just installed Dradis because unfortunately Serpico didn’t work out for our organization :pensive:.
Setup, after all the deps where met, was quite simple, kudos!

We’re hoping to get doc(x) output, but it seems this is limited to the Pro version only.
So for now I’ve added the pdf addon dradis-pdf_export in the Gemfile.plugins.
It works out of the box, which is nice, but when I edit the exporter.rb nothing changes in the output PDF file, regardless of the location.
Simple stuff as replacing ‘BlackHat’ for ‘Testing 1 2 3’ doesn’t get parsed.
Is there a secret way to reload the plugin, or am I editing the wrong exporter file?

Hope to hear from you, the project seems promising and might be what we’re looking for.



Hi @void, First I want to apologize for the insane delay here! I have just finished an official doc on the PDF exporter here: That gives installation and use data for both CE and Pro. If you have any questions, please let me know!


Hi @rachkor,

I followed the document on PDF Export and it is installed, the button is visible.
But i can’t customize the pdf. If I Change something in dradis-ce/templates/reports/pdf_export/exporter.rb , the output doesn’t change at all. What am I missing here?



Solved it (cost a lot of time, please update the manual :))

The file to customize is (in my system) /var/lib/gems/2.5.0/bundler/gems/dradis-pdf_export-f6abc994fcfa/lib/dradis/plugins/pdf_export/exporter.rb

So is not correct.