[Training course] Mastering the Dradis Framework


Hi all,

We’ve put together an in-depth course covering the following topics:

      Lesson 1: Choosing your tools and uploading results
      Lesson 2: Generating your first automated report
      Lesson 3: Save yourself some time by using templates
      Lesson 4: Consistency and quality results using testing checklists
      Lesson 5: Building a library of reusable vulnerability descriptions
      Lesson 6: Archiving and backing up your projects
      Lesson 7: How to spend more time in creative hacking in every project

You can sign up here:


Hope you find it useful!



The email containing the links to all the lessons (Lesson 7) have a redirect problem. Lessons 1-3 work fine. Lessons 4-7 resolve to this:

Small issue but thought you might want to look at it just in case this problem affects other areas of your site.


Also the videos page: some of the videos are not rendering properly (I am using chrome).

I took a look at the source and it appears that browsers are setting their own CSP:

The page loads with the iframe over http instead of https, so I changed it (client side) and fixed the issue.

Worked like a charm.


Thank you and fixed!

/cc @rachkor re: video http vs https iframes.