Embedding Dradis in iFrame

Looking for a way to override the default Rails behavior of prohibiting display within an iFrame.
Having little knowledge of Rails, have tried adding the following to config/application.rb and in config/environments for development or production:

config.action_dispatch.default_headers = {‘X-Frame-Options’ => ‘ALLOWALL’}

This has worked in other Rails deployments, but not it seems for Dradis.
Is there a way of configuring this?

What you said seems the way to go to achieve this.

Also make sure to try it in a incognito window so the browser cache does not bother you, as mentioned here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17542511/cannot-display-my-rails-4-app-in-iframe-even-if-x-frame-options-is-allowall/29811391

If that doesn’t help, please try the second solution on that same thread: https://stackoverflow.com/a/17862331

Thanks for help. It looks like the second solution might be the one, but just not sure where to include this block in the Dradis framework.

class MyController < ApplicationController
def iframe_action
response.headers.delete "X-Frame-Options"

Should this go in the application.rb file?

That should be app/controllers/application_controller.rb

I think you have to use an after_filter or before_filter, since it is not a single action that you want in the iframe, it’s the whole app.