How can I use document properties inside finding description?

Hello everyone !

I was wondering if it was possible to use the Dradis document properties inside an issue field.

For example, imagine I have something like this as an issue in my project.

Vulnerability name

We observed during the test that <client Name> is vulnerable […]

We recommend that <client Name> […]

In this scenario, is there a way to replace <client Name> by the actual client name using dradis.client ?

Otherwise if you have any suggestion on how to achieve something similar would be really helpful

Thanks for your help

Hi @airshot - Tabatha with the Dradis support team here. Currently, there is no way to use document properties inside of issues, evidence, or content blocks. It isn’t as elegant, but you could leave a placeholder in your issue. Once the report is generated, it would make “find and replace all” or a macro to replace the placeholder with a client name straightforward to run.

Ok this is probably the way I will do it then, thanks :slight_smile: