Importing MediaWiki issues

I have added the required fields to the configuration page for mediawiki, however when i try and import an issue i get this error:

uninitialized constant IssuesController::IssueImporter

    Extracted source (around line #89):

def import
importer =
@results = importer.query()

@plugin = importer.plugin

Not sure why. Any help greatly received


Rails.root: /opt/dradis-ce

Hi @markajbell, sorry about the delay! It turns out that this error was our fault but has been fixed here: Please git pull and give the MediaWiki import another test. Keep us posted with any updates!

@rachkor. Sorry not really used git much. do i just type:

git pull from my dradis directory??


Hi @markajbell, sorry for not giving more detailed directions! git can be a bit of a beast if you don’t use it all the time. Try the following and the let us know how it goes.

From your local dradis-ce folder, run:
$ git pull origin master

Then, restart the server and test the MediaWiki import again. After pull-ing the latest changes, the import should be up and running again without any errors. Of course, if you do run into any issues, just let us know!

That worked. Can import from MediaWiki, Thanks