Upload output from tool to any node


When i upload output from tool ( for example Burp ) it’s load under ‘All issues’ which is good but is there any way to assign this issues to a node ?

In ‘Nodes’ i can only upload attachments but can i upload an output directly to a node ?

I’m using v3.1.0.rc2 CE edition is this feature included into PRO edition?


Hi JK,

When uploading the output of a tool, including Burp, the parser creates both an Issue and a piece of Evidence associated with a host.

First the parser creates the host:

Then the issue:

And finally the Evidence:

Can you share a sample XML file (with sensitive data scrubbed) so we can try to reproduce the problem you’re experiencing?


Hi Daniel,

I’ve found on the UI there is a ‘plugin.output’ node which include my burp scans output order by hosts, so my bad.

Sorry and thanks !